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The Portfolio Managers of Great Lakes Advisors offer customized, proprietary asset management services to private clients.

Dedicated Portfolio Managers work with you and your financial professionals to design a tailored investment portfolio utilizing sophisticated risk analytics and asset allocation tools to ensure your discretionary account is constructed and managed in accordance with your unique, long-term objectives.


Multi-Asset Strategies

For clients in search of an investment portfolio diversified across asset classes, we combine our equity and fixed income styles with a diversified group of funds in an open architecture format to create customized, diversified portfolios.

We utilize sophisticated risk analytics and asset allocation tools to ensure the portfolio is constructed and managed in accordance with each client’s unique, long-term objectives. Our multi-asset strategy program can be tailored around any of a number distinct investment objectives.

We work with each individual client to establish their investment objective; taking into account the client’s unique risk tolerance, return and yield expectations, liquidity needs, tax considerations, and time horizon.

Our Portfolio Managers and investment committee bring decades of experience to the overall investment process. The separately managed equity and fixed income styles are built upon a common philosophy resulting in a consistent firm-wide thought process and alignment with our multi-asset strategy program.


Fixed Income Strategies

We offer three unique fixed income strategies for private clients: a conventional investment-grade Municipal Strategy, our proprietary S.M.A.R.T. XO crossover municipal strategy, and our Limited Duration strategy.

Our Municipal Strategy is designed to outperform an agreed upon benchmark; either a 1-10 year municipal bond index, or a shorter 1-5 year index. Generally, portfolios are laddered across the benchmark curve, with additional allocation in sectors we deem to be relatively more attractive than others.

Our Structure Maturity And Ratings Trend crossover (S.M.A.R.T XO) portfolios are designed to generate a higher amount of income and a lower price volatility than longer-duration portfolios. The benchmark is a 3-15 year blended index, and will use both taxable and tax-exempt bonds to generate after-tax yield within the agreed-upon parameters with our clients. Individual bond structure is emphasized, as is average maturity, average credit quality, and issuer diversification. This strategy generally takes credit risk in shorter-duration investments and emphasizes increased credit quality as maturity lengthens.

Lastly, our Limited Duration Municipal strategy focuses on municipal bonds with maturities inside of five years that are rated in lower investment-grade range. By concentrating on these two characteristics, we seek to generate more income than high-grade portfolios of similar maturity, while maintaining price volatility that is more stable than long-duration portfolios. The benchmark is the Barclays 1-5 year index, and invests in bonds that are federally tax-exempt. 


Mutual Funds

In addition to separately managed accounts, we offer a family of mutual funds representing our fixed income, small cap equity and two large cap equity strategies.


Uncommon Personal Service and Attention

In addition to our dedication to investing, we emphasize a dedication to our clients. Every client of Great Lakes Advisors works with a Managing Director of the firm and has access to our depth and resources at all times. We tailor communication to the specific needs of each client and seek to build long-term relationships with our clients.

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